Monday, October 29, 2007

GGTV Episode IV - Dining with Greg Norman

On the menu for this episode is dinner at my house ...with Greg Norman wines and some of my favorite golf buddies... I'll also take you to some of the environmentally friendly courses in my area. Then, I've got a tip for how to look good on the golf course for less.

Site Links: Greg Norman Wines---- Cuisinart Double Ice Cream Maker---- Richter Park Golf Course---- Marshalls

Friday, October 19, 2007

GGTV Special Announcement

Ultra busy October in Golf Girl Land!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Episode III - Nine is Fine

In this episode I extol the virtues of the nine hole round and explore the pleasures of a surprisingly delightful golf snack. There's also some happy Poulter news.

Story Links: Hostess Twinkie---Waggle Room---The Curtis Cup---Ian Poulter Design

Note from Golf Girl: I apologize for the multiple postings of I had a few minor technical problems with the uploading and such...still have to make an adjustment or two. Many thanks for your patience. I hate technology. Except when I love it.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Episode II - My Favorite Threesome

In this episode I introduce you to my three favorite clubs. I also share some Monty gossip and a golf hat trick or two. Enjoy.

Story Links: Cleveland Golf--- GEL Golf--- Birdie Girl--- The Green Blazer

Note from Golf Girl:
Admittedly, I have a ways to go in the quality dept. I hope to be able to get beyond the built in camera mic soon, as my sound is really in need of improvement. Lighting too... I've got to work on that. A better tripod, a more robust movie editor, a camera man (person)...all things I need to aquire eventually. In the meantime, I'm enjoying do what I can do with what I've got. Hope you enjoy watching.