Saturday, October 13, 2007

Episode III - Nine is Fine

In this episode I extol the virtues of the nine hole round and explore the pleasures of a surprisingly delightful golf snack. There's also some happy Poulter news.

Story Links: Hostess Twinkie---Waggle Room---The Curtis Cup---Ian Poulter Design

Note from Golf Girl: I apologize for the multiple postings of I had a few minor technical problems with the uploading and such...still have to make an adjustment or two. Many thanks for your patience. I hate technology. Except when I love it.

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Interesting take on 9 hole rounds.

I always try and make time for a full 18... just in case I get on a roll and start to light it up... I always want to have a chance to set the course record, and the option to walk away if I am stinking it up.